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January 21, 2008



somehow I got away with an junty angle one, as in here:


which I'm pleased with as an ID photo pic. Was expecting to have to go for the usual glazed look.

I do like the whole just email us a shot thing, NUS do it too. Much better than the cutting out a photobooth one.

(btw, this got disallowed at first - why don't you have html comments, is it an anti-spam thing?)


Em, as a student you're not legally obliged to pay council taxt all!

My student oyster card photo is too terrible for words. Imagine a hangover that lasted for a year combined with an 'asymmetric' (i.e. one side longer than the other) haircut...


I have made reference to this and the moustache on the blog. You may wish to peruse or not as the case may be.


Super monkey got there first. I also wanted to ask about Moustache enhanced photos. Are they also not in the spec? LOL

Super Monkey

What? No moustache?

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