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January 23, 2008


Lumpy Liverhead

Now I think that you should pop over and see this:


Support for the public acceptance of a woman's right to bare her moustache (in all situations) gathers greater momentum!

Now could London Transport turn down your photocard application, if like Ketutar, you did actually grow and use your own?!


A friend of mine has a habit of drawing mustaches in eyeliner on people at night clubs. One night, I was walking home at 2am, completely oblivious to the fact that I still had my mustachio on, when some guys came and poked me in the face. I cared not. Mustaches rock.

Captain Cat

Fantastic. I have a similar fetish, as seen in one of my December posts (http://captaincat.typepad.com/captain_cats_diaries/2007/12/writers-paradis.html), when I paraded through Paris dressed as a typical french person (replete with garlic and baguette under arm), singing the Marseillaise.

I LOVE your blog! It's wonderful. Love love love it. Would really like to add it to my list of "blogs I read".

A great find. Hope you get funding for your PhD. What will it be on?

Lumpy Liverhead

West London is in! Your photo was so funny, that I couldn't resist...

...tell you what, after a couple of glasses of wine last night, I did sort of forget about it. So I didn't half give myself a start when I nipped into the bathroom do my hands, face and teeth before bed!

It's just lucky noone came to my door last night. Hump? What hump? "Moustache? What moustache? Oh...this moustache? Ahh. Um. Oh." I am not sure how I would have explained it!


It is our right to challenge The Authorities at every opportunity. Fight on for freedom from oppression!

So sayeth Tootie Cootiekisser

Lumpy Liverhead

Good grief! Not even utilising my blog identify improves my pseudonym: Crusty Appletush.

Regardless - Lumpy Liverhead aka Crusty Appletush is happly to campaign for the freedom of women who wish to don moustaches, particularly on London Transport ID cards!


AHAHAHAHAHA!!! You look silly!!

Pinky Applepants is one powerful babe!

Why do I have to be Chim-Chim Cootiepants?! :(

I'm changing my name! (Even if I use my pseudonym the glamorous Arianne Solo becomes Chim-Chim Bubblehiney. This stinks.)


Oh dear sweet Jesus. That is priceless. Pinky Applepants.

Poopsie Waffletush

Nice mustache! Have an award.



Ok I have now composed myself and I can reveal under this new code of the moustachio freedom fighters I will hence forth be known as Boobie Bubbletush. This somehow seems most fitting!


I will comment later when I have changed my pants! Can't stop laughing. You go girl of the moustachio freedom fighters.

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