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October 06, 2008



But, I recently heard about someone testing out that "still drawing electricity" theory using an ammeter, and it read zero. So, I'm not entirely convinced.

Teflon is evil, though. I have some very nice teflon-free non-stick pots that I love, but they cost me my first-born child. (*sniff* It's been swell, parasite. Enjoy my company while you still have it.)


Hmm, having more time at home at the moment means I'm reading more and more stuff that's making me just think that there's too much broken in the way we're living. I am doing the best I can (and my ruined hands can manage) but there's so many systemic faults at the moment I don't know that changing my lifestyle can really do much. Meh, I'm just a bit disheartened generally at the moment.


Thanks for the link to the cranberry liqueur recipe! I love making booze. Especially when it's Christmas flavoured! I have a good recipe for rhubarb schnapps - let me know if you want to borrow it!

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