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January 14, 2010



Aww, thanks for the shout-out. I didn't notice any girls making out, just the half-empty vodka bottles stashed in their purses. At any rate, the music was terrific, I wish they could have played for longer!

Yeah...I want to go back to London NOW!!!


Thats really exciting meeting up with old friends! Even better when they are just as great as we remember.


Yay for old friends! I linked your blog post to my old friend Brie, with whom I have a similar relationship - except we discovered that we both KNIT, so now we do cross-country KAL's. :D

There's an email headed your way! Love for the Woebies.


Extremely awesome. There is little as happy-making as unexpectedly reconnecting with old friends.

Also, the Bush Hall gig sounds big fun, though who you are to throw around comments like "spindly arms", ms matchstick girl, I just don't know...
(I am, quite transparently, very jealous of your chic silhouette.)

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