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November 04, 2006



I enjoyed your post.
And I can so relate to the 3 months work unravelling in a mere hour.


Wait a few years and they'll close it again!

Jo, if you ever come back, I couldn't leave a comment on your page, but I love your muse hat! Is it an original or did you follow a pattern. If a pattern, please, please send me the link to (where I can find) it.


I'm on a tour of the Knitting Path, I'm trying to leave a comment on all the blogs I visit, till I get back to my own! I really like your blog, and your ideas and the way you write. Wish I had found the NaBloPoMo before it started, but I'd have probably struggled with posting everyday, then again, we all like a challenge!


I like your description of the disused railway line. There's one near here too but the stations had been sold and people had built houses right next to it. Now it's been reopened! So much for the calm and peaceful gardens!

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