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June 26, 2007


Woolly Thinker

I hope your parcel arrives soon, I sent 2 other parcels the same time and they arrived days ago. The suspense is killing me!


I'm doing fine now, but I couldn't stay awake Saturday for more than ten minutes -- despite the cat-face interaction.

They were very sweet, though, and stayed with my the whole day. Occasionally I'd be aware of a small soft pad pressing against my cheek or a furry arm draping itself across my neck, and the low rumble of contentment. I like having kittens.


Ouch! Probably better that it is c really though - otherwise you would have to seriously curtail all drinking in future and that wouldn't be much fun! Hope you're okay now.

Woolly Thinker

None of the options sound too good but I hope you woke up feeling ok. Cats make excellent alarm clocks don't they?


Haha! That would normally be my port of call as well, but no, I had the biggest dinner in the world, made by my mum who's staying with us. I was quite wonderfully stuffed when I got to the pub.

The three glasses of wine were drunk over about five hours as well. It's a sort of old skool pub, so they only serve wine in vessels little larger than sherry glasses. Not like the boats you get EVERYWHERE ELSE (it's called value for money, barkeep man, do you hear me? Value for money!) (Ah, he's not listening.)


Did you eat anything before you guzzled all that wine? If you didn't then that would explain it.

When I first gave up smoking I got blind drunk everytime I went out. It wasn't intentional; I think it's because I drank faster to compensate for having nothing to do with the other hand.

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