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September 13, 2007


dork dorkinson

shut da fuck up


Arrr ye Matey- I walk the plank for some yarrrrrrn.

Where is that darn parrot

Ru Temple

Clare, that Arrr, Métis, does win the test, knitting needles down, and all along the Rrrrryyye!

Forrr my parrt, therrre's naught makes me rrroll under the table in search o' me laughing grog-stoppers like the followin:
from dayys gone baye.



hey.. it be not the 20th... it be 6:22pm on the 19th... arrr.. me no like ye comment clock


Arrh, this be a mighty fine contest ye be havin. And who said having a woman on board be bad luck... don't ye know ye need a wench to serve the ale?
ps: all hail the mighty flying spaghetti monster, for this be his day... arrrr. May ye be touched by his noodley appendages.


Yeaaaaaaargh! Thank ye for yer kind attention to Talk Like a Pirate Day. I told me classes today and was met with yawns instead of Arrrrrrrs...I should've told 'em to walk the plank!
Ahoy! Arrrr.


Yarr. I be totally wearing me "yarrrn" shirt without even... arr... thinking about it.


Avast! I spot me a fibarrr contest. Aye, I do love me some yarrrrrn, almost as much as me rum.

Mary C

Yar, matey! Ye be walkin the plank if ye be stealin' me rum! Now get back to swabbin the deck!!


Arrr, matey! I be gettin' thar scurvy if I don't be arrrntering thar yonder contest!

Harhar, Me loves what yar does!



Be there any patterns for a peg-leg cozy about these parts?


Argh! Here on the jolly Left coast, it still be the 18th for another 56 minutes. I just finished me evening glug o'rum (Parrot Bay and Diet Coke, aye) and saw yer post on Ravelry. If ye be throwin' some booty overboard, toss the ruddy stuff over here. Argh!


Aaaarrr! I be comin from the Ravelry! Congrats on yer blogiversary. I raise a pint o rum to yer!

E to the M

A pirate's favorite holiday?

Arrrbor Day

Arrr I deserve to be called th bilge rat am for that wee joke.
No mind me beauty, a bottle of rum to celebrate the 250!


Ahoy, 'n thank ye fer lettin' me enter, avast! May yer yarn ne'er tangle 'n may yer needles ne'er slip!


Arrr... I'll be celebratin' yer milestone just as soon as I find me rum.


Yarr, I know not how t' sail, but I still be a pirate. A yarrrrrrn pirate.


Arrr, congrats on your 250th post you yellow bellied lizard. Your socks look warm and fuzzy kind o' like how I feel when I''e got some rum in me belly. Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!


Ahoy, matey!

I sees the deadline for this here contest is today. In fact, I do believe I's known about it for several days now, but I'm only commenting now because PIRATES LAUGH A PEG-LEGGED LAUGH IN THE FACE OF YOUR LAND-LUBBING RULES AND REGULATIONS, ARRRRR.

(except not *that* hard. because we do loves us a chance for pillaged yarn, aye that we do.)


Arr! Me pirate mates and I wander'd over from yon Ravelry and are eye'n your site. We be enjoyin' the pirate talk too, aye!


Avast! The way be laid to the yardarm fur so fair lass as urself if you think I be ask'n for a walk on yon plank, y'scurvy dog, you. *pets the yarn and tosses a wink*

Aye, hand o'er the yarn and no one will get deliver the Black Spot, nor will ye get me buried booty! Arrrrr!


Arrrgh! What a greedy, scurvy lot knitters be, lustin' for the fair fibers. I'll throw me name in yer bucket for a go at it. This be a merry yarn. Where be me treasure?

If ye be needin' a hand with the pirate speak, give a go here:


A yarrrrrny day to ye!


What kind of socks do pirates wear?


Some pirate favorites:



Harrr. This be a fine contest. I be needing me Rum if I be talking less like a scurvy pirate.

the Procrastinatrix

This scurvy ole dog is in the way o' likin' yer pirate contest. Now, where's me rum? arrrrr, there it is...*peg legs across the poop deck* . Yarrrr! A wee dram o' the rum and a fine day at sea...it's the pirate's life fer me!!

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