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December 04, 2007



The only thing that puts me off rostis is having to grate potato. It doesn't seem worth the effort!


I love latkes, rosti, hash browns, french fries, all kinds of fried potatoes. It's like some kind of cruel joke that my people's only native potato dish, nominally julienned fried potatoes, turns out to be *stir*-fried, non-crispy, and essentially like eating a big mouthful of semi-raw potato.

Anyway--I discovered the pre-shredded frozen potatoes in the freezer section and it changed my breakfast life. No more tedium and effort at the box grater when I want hash browns!


Latke-licious. Don't forget to light your first Chanukah candle tonight. And I do so hope you are feeling better (although it didn't sound like a norovirus - or perhaps you were going for the more dignified approach by not divulging all the gory details.) Happy Chanukmas!

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