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January 27, 2008


Blonde Justice


Blonde Justice



Thanks for more blogs to visit every day! Evidently working at work isn't my strong suit.
You deserve the award!


Awwww, what a lovely thing to say. And thanks for the links to other blogs - I really like this idea, its a nice way of swapping links if nothing else.

As I emailed eariler, watch my blog later...


Aww, thank you Emmms! I'm so glad I took up knitting, because I have gained you, Sharon, Alice, Dee and Emilie as great friends!


Oh you! I'm really touched. (And I hope we'll meet in person again before long). X


Woo! Thank you! Note to self: have more fake online sex with unsuspecting people. That used to be fun.

By the way, what's going on at iKnit on 29 January? I saw you'd linked to them but couldn't find an event on their site for that day.


What a fab idea.

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