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July 30, 2008



I think the measuring is important depending on what you are making. If I'm making a cake, I measure very carefully, if I'm making bread I just throw it in. I've made enough bread that I can add this or that and have a good idea of how it's going to turn out.


Oh, YUM! I need to get Becca to make this for me. She loves to bake!

Just when IS your cookbook coming out, anyway?


I listen to Lynne too, and agree that the way of measuring can make an enormous difference. one of the many reasons I think the whole 'a cup of this - a stick of that -half a cup of the other' way of describing amounts is so unhelpful. A stick of butter? Why not say the weight so those of us not in the US can easily use the recipe! And cup sizes are different in different countries, too, I gather. (Even a tablespoon is 20ml in Australia, 15ml in US/UK/NZ.

Sorry for the rant! I love the Splendid Table. And your recipes, thanks.

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