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July 01, 2008



I vote for Happy Forest, too. I'll gladly take the other one off your hands to make the decision easier, if you want! ;-)


The Riding to Avalon sweater was my favorite, too. I vote for the Happy Forest sock yarn, but you can't go wrong with the Wollmeise, either. Both are very pretty.


I vote for Happy Forest. Mmmm yum.


I totally get the problems brought about when trying to bestow the gift of lace. I knit my mother a branching out scarf in kidsilk haze (my first lace in cobweb weight yarn) and I swear she felted it! Now she wants a shawl so I am having to seek out something a little more heavyweight to knit in a pattern that I like enough to knit but not so much I can't part with it...
Am going to hunt through my sock boxes this evening for winding cables!


I'm loving the Riding to Avalon jumper too. I was just looking at the preview before and thought that I may have to buy a copy!

I'm still having a deliberation about socks and sock yarn. I nearly bought some Araucania Ranco last night as I was looking at buying more needles from Get Knitted, but I need to be good about the yarn buying for now!

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