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August 26, 2008



What a perfect cardigan! It looks as it was designed especially for you - it's fabulously flattering. Very impressive!


Oh, perfect perfect perfect!


gorgeous - and I love love *love* those buttons.


Nice! Congrats, it looks really great!

Is there a source for Knit Picks yarn on this side of the ocean that I don't know about? I'm using some for a sweater for Stéph but I had to have it shipped to my sister in the States, who then shipped it to me. Please share your secret!


Gorgeous my dear!!!


You did a great job.

I've a question, and I'd be so grateful if you could point me in the right direction. I've been toying with the idea of knitting this cardigan, but alas, I am not as experienced in these matters as I'd like. So, I was wondering how one could knit this cardigan in the round when the pattern called for the use of straight needles. Seaming doesn't bother me extensively, it's just I enjoy knitting on my circular addi needles so much more.

Thanks a lot. And again, beautiful knitting.


I love it! Please wear it tonight. I'm wearing my FLS but it looks a bit crap in comparison, lol!


Excellent piece of work - it looks great on you - I had this cardi in my queue once but hoiked it out due to boobage worries!

Y'know, looking back at your pictures - I think that I might have project completion envy! I am still waiting to create a garment that fits, suits me and my sense (or lack) of style once its done.

I am beginning to think that selecting and working a pattern, for me, is beyond me. Le sigh!

katie m.

So pretty! Congrats on finishing such a lovely cardigan!


This is stunning on you. Beautiful color and fit. Well done!


Squeak squeak squeak! I just utterly *love* it. That yarn is perfect for it (and I also love the shirt you have on underneath - so sweet!). The buttons are so beautiful too and they make it so special. The whole thing is gorgeous! Wonderful job. xx


Gorgeous! Really, really beautiful.


Oooh, lovely! That looks great on you. I've got Mrs Darcy in my queue but the boobage issue worries me...

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