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August 22, 2008



But using a cold drink takes the rush out of it, so it's not really a 'slam' any more, more just a slurp.
I do like the port idea though.
Might I suggest modifying the concept with a hot port? (Port, hot water, slice of lemon with some cloves stuck in and sugar to taste).
Hmmm. Might have to give that a go. Think I've seen Tim Tams in Tesco.


Oh, I slammed last week but now I've run out. I bet it's nice with milk, but that beverage obviously lacks the alcohol factor.



Marvellous! Bloody marvellous.

I'm booking that train RIGHT NOW!


Or there's the less sophisticated (!) South African version, involving Peppermint Crisp and milk. Mmmm tasty.


yum, must find some of those and it will be a great use for this dusty bottle of port:)


I LOVE TimTams - which I found, to my huge surprise, at my local Tesco in Richmond. Small groceres opposite East Putney tube used to also have them... and Grocer on Elgin & Grocer on Kings Road.

I'll have to try the slam - delicious. Must go get some tim tams....

And those piccies of you at the end. Perfectly indecent. You make your mustachio proud!


Oh, you're killing me! I fell in love with Tim Tams living in Australia... this was three years ago. I just finally got to have some more by swapping some Knitpicks for family packs of Tim Tams... which I just finished two days ago. Ahhh! Why did I eat them all? AHHHH! :)


Gasp! Tim Tams should never be slammed with port - Kyliemac must be from Sydney. Hot coffee is the only way.

Oh, and it doesn't work properly with penguins, the feathers get soggy.

And is that a Gu souffle dish you are lip-smacking your port from? Completely awesome!


Hahahaha! Genius.

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