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October 13, 2008



They sell active dry yeast in little cans at a place called The Grocery on Kingsland Road near Hoxton Square. It's a lovely little shop anyway, with a cafe, too! But very pricey.


I love that cursing! And as Ysolda says, Dove's Farm stuff is good!


Oh yes, beer bread is the only bread I've ever bothered to make. My recipe: 1 can beer. 1 packet flour. Maybe some grated cheese on top. Done. Now that's my kinda baking...


Bakers are usually more than happy to pass on some fresh yeast - it's definitely worth asking!


If you just want the sachet style yeast in a bigger container dove's farm do it. I know waitrose here sells it, along with most healfood and smaller grocery stores.


Try a baker's for fresh yeast - I got some at a Polish baker's in N London recently. Or, the health food shop near me has some if you ever want to come over this way.

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