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November 12, 2008



Universal problem. All mothers are insane. Only solution is to have your own so you get your turn.


I guarantee you mine is more insane. Absolutely guarantee it. (If you don't believe me, let me tell you some time about how she disowned me on my wedding day, and why, and how she then wangled her way back into the event. It's not the craziest thing she's ever done, but it's the easiest to relate.)

As someone who is in fact about to have a daughter of her own, well, I can't decide whether this is a great opportunity to figure it out or surefire doom to being just another crazy mom. I'll keep you posted.


You're not the only one!

Although, the older I get the more I can understand why my Mom thinks the way she does...although most of the time it's not helpful!


The thing is, I'm not sure that there need to be trans-generational miscommunications, at least not if the parents make the effort to understand their offspring. My mother and I can't communicate for loads of reasons, but I'm not sure that is one of them.

I must admit I'm glad to have sons though!


my mother always says she hopes I have a daughter just like me one day so I can see her side of things. I think then there would be 2 of us who didn't understand her, so it doesn't seem her most sensible argument...


Haha...I have the same problems...apart from I'm still living with mine!

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