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November 28, 2008



That sucks, Joanne, I'm sorry! They are definitely on the dry side, but mine definitely held together, I wonder why they didn't work out. I think my oven was around 350 as well (thanks for mentioning that, too, I can't believe I forgot that!!).

I made them again recently, but this time with 1/2 margarine instead of oil because I'm out of oil, and I liked them better -- would you be willing to try them out again? I'm going to convert the measures to metric weights, too, just in case that had anything to do with it.


i tried this recipe out and got not-so-good results. the cookie was super dry and didn't really come together at all. also wasn't sure what temp to use for the cookies - i tried 350. would love to see other results to compare against.


This sounds really yummy, can we make this on the show?


holy best recipe ever, Batman. Seriously, mint chocolate= the best flavour combo! Why did I waste time making sugar cookies this afternoon??


Oh mmm, they sound so good! I'll have to make these someday soon.

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