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April 28, 2009



It must be that time of year! I spent yesterday spraying Windolene inside all my cupboards after finding... shudder... larvae under a packet of noodles. Windolene? Well, I thought it was the anti-bacterial spray - looks the same! My daughter has never moved so fast,and it certainly put her off noodles for a while!


Spiders, at least, are helpful bugs. They may not be plotting your doom. They may be lying in wait for tasty moths to flit unsuspectingly into their webs.


I spotted a clothes moth in my place on the wall and immediately squished it, only to then find it had deposited its nasty little eggs throughout an amazing piece of knitting that I have inherited via the UFO administration service project. I immediately thrust UFO into giant pan, boiled it to within an inch of its life, whilst extra skeins were boiled in hot water also and remnants and things still on the needles went straight into the deep freeze. I had to go away the next day; I hope I will not be returning to find my entire stash and all woollen wares ravaged by escapees...

...good luck in your quest against the forces of darkness.


oh. my. god.


ARGH! Moths!! Admirably played... I would have been in such a state by now!


Reading that made me start itching and scratching at my hair.

Ngg - ask Mel what kind of emergency mass freezer action happened took place in South West London when variegated carpet beetles struck and muched their way through a skein of my custom dyed, 2 ply Posh Yarn cashmere and also one of the hand knit socks that took me 2 months to make and had been worn once.

They were not kept together either. Nope, one was upstairs and one was downstairs.

I reckon the b'tards had been watching me for weeks, no months, to work out where to hit me the nastiest.


jeez, seems like everything with more than 4 legs has decided to invade this weekend!

good luck. i just went out and bought tons of lavender and thyme yesterday for inside and outside.


I think the creepy crawlies have learnt to twitter and have hatched a mass plan of destruction. My french bean plants were suddenly vanished overnight....not even a little stump was left by the sadistic snot trailing snails. Grrrrrr!! I hope they gave them tummy ache!!


oh, blurg! attack of the many legged! (shudder)
constant vigilance and good luck!


OMG you have been invaded !!
Good luck

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