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May 13, 2009



"you can't do that on television". ah, yes. slime. they don't make great television like that anymore! :)


Ooh good to see the Kureyon knitted up! Mine is still sitting in my stash, waiting for the day it is chosen for a project. I've heard a lot about it being a bit rough, but I reckon it will soften up even more once it's been washed :)


I agree, Sylar as Spock is the only reason I want to see Star Trek! ;-) Love the Noro socks, I did the same pattern in STR and they came out really well. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/bittersweetie/gentlemans-fancy-sock
Text me soon, let's meet up for a foodie/yarnie gossip. xx


Peckham Multiplex is a brilliant cinema! Is it still reasonably priced too?


God, I havent thought about "You Cant Do That on Television" in years. It's one of the few shows my brother and I could agree to watch together and not fight. I watched the orignal series in syndication with my Dad when I was little. Then really got into NextGen. Havent seen the new film yet, but have free tix to the theatre. Hmmm . . . That could be a plan.

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