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December 24, 2009



I hope you're paying less rent during this time. It's completely unacceptable. I hope you're ok. xxx


Oh hell, that's ridiculous! And in the coldest December in years. Sending you warm thoughts hon. x


do you want the name of a boiler repair person?? I have one if you'd like...


As one who grew up in England (50's), I still remember the workmen who would show up for various repairs. They promptly looked over whatever the problem might be, and just as promptly broke out their heating device to make tea. Once the tea break was over, they had to move on to the next job, never actually touching the problem in our house. Luckily, my father was extremely handy and after a few of the scenes described above, usually just fixed things himself. The landlord was grateful as it cost him very little and the job was done properly.

I will hope that the weather suddenly becomes much warmer for January...or how 'bout a trip to an island in the South Pacific? Wishful thinking, I know.


Oh, for Christ sake. A whole month without heat?! In January?! Hang in there, and go somewhere with heat for Christmas.


good god, this is turning into quite the epic. hopefully there's a turning point for our fair heroine sometime very soon!

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