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December 19, 2009



My first apartment was in an old mansion that had been turned into apartments. The winter I lived there was the coldest winter in a very long time. My parents could not remember it being that cold. Minus 50 with the wind chill. I had a quarter inch of ice on the inside of my windows. I lived on the second floor. There was one thermostat, located on the 3rd floor. Take care of yourself and remember, a good hot shower might help you thaw out. You can use your oven for heat too. If you turn the broiler on, or turn the oven on a high heat, it will help.


Oh you poor, poor thing! What astonishingly awful timing. Our house has a fully functioning boiler and I'm STILL in multiple layers of clothing, including fingerless mitts. (Elfbaby is bundled up like a little Eskimo.) Definitely the only thing to do is to bake as much as possible - how else can you possibly have any hope of warmth!

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