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March 23, 2010



Er, you know how I ended up needing a back op? I had chronic sciatic pain with that and the thing with the sciatic nerve is if you don't get it treated you damage it, and that nerve does not heal. If you damage it permanently it's gone. So that will be pins and needles feet for life at best and not able to use leg and no bladder control at worst. Dude. Go to the doctor.


Good God, woman—that car accident sounds horrific!!! You better get to the doctor soon, there's no sense leaving it any longer, is there?



Kate (aka Dr Quick)

I would LOVE to use you in my experiments (that sounds weird) but afraid I can't really help... but the exercise is definitely a good thing, as is general wellbeing, getting enough sleep is very important - try those before cutting out caffeine - that's crazy talk!

Drop Stitches Not Bombs

Poor you! I hope you feel better soon. I often think I should do something about my posture, which becomes more hunched the longer I sit at a desk. I haven't got round to doing that something, though...

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