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June 22, 2011



Congratulations! I am just now getting back to following my favorite blogs after a baby-induced hiatus. Glad to see your good news!

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Congratulations! Beautiful photo :)

God Bless! x


Congratulations!! What a beautiful dress too :)


This is the best. picture. ever.

You look so happy! (And in such a lovely dress, too, of course.)

BTW, m'dear, I am trying to reach you re coming to London soon! Very soon! Not only the coming part, and hoping to meet up (woo-hoo!) but the teen and I now have a need, and I was hoping you could help, or advise. (Don't worry, we won't be on your doorstep needing a bed!) When you have a moment, could you check your Ravelry messages? Merci, ma chere erqsome!


Oh wow! You look *fabulous* - and so does he. So happy for you both xx

katie m.

Yay! Congrats!!


Congratulations!What a handsome pair you make! Marvellous! x


Emms, congratulations! Your dress is stunning, and just what I would have imagined for you. May you have every happiness imaginable.


Congratulations! Love your dress :)


Congratulations!!!!!!! So thrilled for you guys! I've been thinking about you this month because I remembered it was THE month, and I kept meaning to drop you a line.

And that dress is GORGEOUS!

Laura Nixon

Congratulations! Sorry I couldn't make it down but it looks like you had a lovely day x


Eeeee, congratulations!!

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